There are hundreds of unexplained mysteries from every corner of the planet involving cars, drivers, hitchhikers, car theft, and abduction.  One of the most unusual occurred soon after a new section of the Autobahn in Germany was opened to traffic between Bremen and Bremerhaven in 1929.  During the first year alone no fewer than a hundred cars crashed or came off the Autobahn, but the accidents were all happening in exactly the same place, very close to kilometer marker number 239.  On one particular day, September 7, 1930, nine separate accidents took place adjacent to the marker post, in each of which all vehicles were destroyed.

There appeared to be no explanation for the accidents, as the stretch of road in question was flat and straight and no hazards had been reported.  And that day in September had been particularly fine and sunny.  However, survivors told police that when they approached the marker they had felt a sensation in their stomachs as if they had crossed a humpback bridge at speed, and a "strange force then took over the steering and threw their car off the road."

German police were perplexed until a local water diviner, Carl Wehrs, suggested that a powerful magnetic force caused by an underground stream might have been the reason for the mysterious accidents.  Accompanied by witnesses, he walked with a steel divining rod toward the marker.  He was about ten feet away when, all of a sudden, the rod was ripped from his grasp, the sheer force of it spinning his body around 360 degrees, like an Olympic hammer thrower.

Wehr’s solution to the problem was to bury a box of copper next to the marker stone, and the accidents immediately stopped.  To further test his theory, he later dug the box back up, and the first three cars to pass by all crashed.  Once the box was reburied the marker post was removed, the area was sprinkled with holy water, and the accidents ceased and have never recurred.



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