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Japanese fisherman discovered an unusual vessel on the beach at Harayadori, northeast of Tokyo, in the winter of 1803. It resembled a pot for cooking rice, 3.5 meters high and 5.5 meters in diameter, with a wide brim around the middle. The bottom half of the pot consisted of numerous bands of the “finest foreign iron.” The top was painted black, covered with pitch, and contained several glass panels and a sliding door.

Inside the vessel was a woman. According to the nineteenth-century classic work Dust of Japanese Apricots by Umenosha-shujin, “She seemed to be 20 years old . . . had a fair complexion like snow and wore her excellent black hair dangling behind her back. Her beauty was beyond description.” The woman, who was unable to communicate with her rescuers, guarded “a small box and let no one come near it, for reasons unknown.” A similar account of this curious episode appears in Anecdotes from the Rabbit Garden, volume 11, by Kinrei-sha. Both this book and the one by Umenosha-shujin contain contemporary illustrations of the mystery woman and the vessel.

This odd story displays clear-cut parallels with other known UFO literature, especially cases in which an alien female is said to have been encountered in a round vessel of some sort. Unfortunately, neither of the Japanese chroniclers tells us anything more about the beautiful lady or the strange circular ship in which she arrived.


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