The Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy for October, 1852, discussed the finding by various people of some sixty cubes “sown broadcast over the country in some strange way that I cannot offer solution of,” according to a Dr. Frazer who examined them.  The inscriptions on them are said to be “a very ancient class of Chinese characters.”  Archaeologists are unanimous that ancient china had no known link with Ireland.

(Alan and Sally Landsberg, In Search of Ancient Mysteries, pp. 20-21)

More recently, in 1968, Manfred Metcalf, a civilian employee of Fort Benning, Georgia, while choosing stones for a barbecue pit, found one with an inscription, also eventually verified by Dr. Gordon and Dr. Joseph Mahan of the Columbus Museum of Art as being Minoan script, showing numbers and also the Minoan symbol of the double-axe.

Several stone step-pyramids, shunned by the occasional Seminole Indians who claim to have seen them, have reported to stand in the Big Cypress Swamps of the Everglades, southwest of Okeechobee; north of the toll road between Fort Lauderdale and Naples, Florida, in the road section called “Alligator Alley.”

(Charles Berlitz, Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds, pp. 145-146)

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